Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me, God's Blessings and Daily Stresses by L'Daialogue (REAL STORY)


I woke up on Feb. 2, 2009 thinking that I was going to have a great week. My birthday is on Feb. 4 so I knew some great things was going to happen. I was wrong.

First, my oldest brother's mother died (I knew this this weekend). This is not cool in the fact that I didn't know his mother (we had different moms) but I feel like he at least need a support system seeing that lost my mother 9 years earlier. This requires a trip to Memphis again. It's not a casual trip in this sense. Family business for sure.

I woke up 7:20 a.m. to a blurred T-Mobile Sidekick. I knew that my 'Kick for a was trippin' for a few weeks but dang...a blurred screen. It looked like the Box channel (for all my people that remember the Box video channel) with all of that blurry mess of colors. I couldn't see a thing. But, I wasn't trippin' because I had insurance on the phone.

Now, my girl car was acting up so I let her drive the "Black Stallion" Nissan Sentra and I took her car to the repair shop to see what's up. $100 dollars later I'm told that I would be $400 dollars to to fix what I later found out was a $20 problem (thank God for the internet and me not falling for the okey doke).

So, by me taking the car to the shop...I was already late for work. This is around 11 a.m.
but my boss wasn't trippin' too hard so I filed in and got to work.

A half-day of work later I come home for a minute to cook dinner. My girl needed something from Walgreens so I volunteered to go. A very bad choice.

I roll into the Walgreens parking lot around 9 p.m. and see a lady directly in front of my car. I stopped and directly to the right of me is another car parked. I see the ladies' brake lights so I put my hand up in a pausing motion to let her know that I was behind her.

Suddenly, she pulls into reverse and BAM! This (****) hit my car!!!

So, I get out of my car and it's a white woman who looked visibly drunk. Very visibly drunk.

I ask for her insurance information and she appeared to look for her information as I scrambled for a pen.

Now, unbeknowest (which is not a word) to me, this piece of piss poor white trash was strategically plotting her escape. In retrospect, I could have physically prevented her from leaving but I would have surely got an assualt charge (again...that's a whole other story).

So, I turn around and see this lady pulling out and as I run into the Walgreens to get a pen.SCCCCCRREEEEEEEHHHHHHEEEEEECCCCHHHH!!! That lady bailed out. Out the clear blue, you would have thought she was Reginald Denny the way she drove off. I ran just to catch a glimpse of her rusty Gold Seabring going toward Hollywood.

Not only did my brother's mother pass, my Sidekick crash and burn, my girl's car try a stop-n-go AGAIN after I stayed in a repair shop 2 hours trying to get it fixed and being involved in a hit-and-run that the dummy cops said they could not pursue...I was going through some thangs.

But out of all of this, I thank God for my birthday today. People don't make it where I am where I'm from especially at this stage. Even after all of these things...just me being alive is a blessing.

So, shouts out to Mr. J'ai...who if he would have stayed on the phone I wouldn't had to go to Walgreens axing that accident totally out of the But, it's just another day in my life.

Hopefully for my b-day, I'll take it a little slower. I'm thankful still.



Nola.Divine said...

Dang D....I'm sorry. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

This reminded me of my worst day ever, back in '06...I just may do a blog post on it.

This post proves that God is good and though we may have a bad day, we can make it through! (even to write about it!)

Dre'matic said...

it get greater later mane. i feel ya pain, i gotta lil brother that's got a different mama that i been tryin to stay in touch with. i hope i don't hafta go home for the same reason you did, even though one of my favorite relatives who lived on Hollywood (or Range Line for the new school folks) did just die last week. hey life is what it is, i just killed another external drive with all my music on it. can't let the devil win, keep it movin!