Thursday, February 26, 2009

Behind the Music: The Making of Marielaveau (words by L'Dai & MiZUnderstatistic)


Looking at this radio station playlist...that would mean that the new Ovaground/L'Daialogue-Tygah Woods collaboration "Marielaveau" is GETTING AIRPLAY on the radio!!!!! That is crazy!!!!! But, before we really get into jockin' the song itself...we wanted to get into what made MiZUnderstatistic and L'Daialogue DiCaprio pursue a collaboration of this magnitude.

Also, congratulations to Tygah Woods and L'Daialogue!!! (You have to pat your own back



Transcribed interview by: M. Notceb

MiZUnderstatistic: "Marielaveau actually started as just your regular beat. Nothing more nothing less. L'Daialogue was the one who came up with the idea of throwing Tygah Woods in the mix."

L'Daialogue: "Well, Mr. J'ai and J-Dubble are fam, I definitely wanted to get them in the 'yo again. But, then they started telling me about the new click Tygah Woods and the members. I was like 'I want to see if they want to get down on this music tip."

MiZUnderstatistic: "Once L'Daialogue gave me what he wanted...I started building the track with these loud thumping drums. Also, I had to have the melody to seem Creole-feeling but not necessarily Creole-sounding...if that makes sense."

L'Daialogue: "Mane, I was just thinking: Blaze, Francis and Slangston has to feel this. J'ai and Dubble are certified was just like I wanted to get that good old feeling we always have with the music that we do together."

MiZUnderstatistic: Then, I added this swing to the beat that really made the track what it was. After the bassline, it had a strong essence. All it needed was the emcees."

L'Daialogue: "Yep, just like MiZUnder said...the emcees came through on this one. I needed a hard name to describe the track and all I could think of was the voodoo priestess named Marie Laveau from New Orleans. Not that we practice voodoo but it defintely had that homegrown feel that showed New Orleans and Memphis in the same breath.

I just hope that it moves on a street level because I'm definitely throwing it on too many mixtapes to mention at this Check it out and I believe you will feel the same."

To check out the "Marielaveau" track (tentatively until official release), go here:

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