Friday, January 2, 2009

Producer's Corner: Zaytoven


During my whole long duration at home, I encountered many new up-and-coming producers coming out from the South. Zaytoven is one of those new producers making a huge impact with tracks coming from Gucci Mane, O.J da' Juicemane and Memphis underground legend Playa Fly.

You may not like Zaytoven's production-style but every strip club, regular club and 'hood I went to from the North, South, East and Westside of Memphis was bumpin' something created by this man. So, respect is very much due. Also, he is doing him and it may not be the best thing you've heard production-wise but since my last V.I.P visit...his production sure made the women's bodies do things that I have never seen...but I digress.

Check out these YouTube video of Zaytoven in his studio producing some of his newest tracks for Playa Fly, giving his fans some insight on his production process and O.J. da' Juicemane doing an impromptu Zaytoven-based performance.


Zaytoven in the studio prepping exclusive new Playa Fly tracks:

How to make a Zaytoven square synth:

OJ da' Juicemane performing Zaytoven-produced "I'm Gettin' Money":

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