Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The No Computer Log, Day 3

..and the days go, so computerless...


I am ultimately computerless (shouts out to MidiMarc for hitting ya' mans on the 'Kick though)...but yeah, without a computer....I'm a little limited in my posting ability.

For the haters...that really means LIMITED. Not crippled, succas.

Also, a big shout out my girl...Ms. NoLaDivine...she gave me a call with some cool suggestions about my posting. I'm definitely heeding the words and hit up all the affiliates of the Ovaground. And click up top to follow me...even if you do it anonymously. (But I would like to see you :))

But, I got new stuff coming up. So good I can't even say right now. Also another shout out to my cuzo 'Cane (nigga, where was you @ when I was in the "M"....2 weeks?)

What else is going on though? Oh, I forgot...the recession. I am still out here feeling the real effects of the recession and I HATE IT. Barack needs to come on and stop (...and we looking for damn change (c) Young Jeezy)

Ovaground Radio is coming VERY, VERY soon also. So, it's A LOT of good things are about to be poppin' off. But until then, I'm computerless mane. Keep checkin' me out though and I will be back up as soon as Best Buy holla back @ me.

I'm looking @ the clock...where's my computer???


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