Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years Mane, 200(9)Shine is here...let get it!!!

Now last year...I called 2008 the year of "switch hustles". So, that can only mean that 2009 is the year of "either the shine or grind". I prefer shining AND grinding.

After I just brought in the New Years in Memphis at the Level 2 Club in the VIP section (and trust me...I will NEVER stand in the regular line ever again). But after I gave the club owner my Bluff City Daialogue CD, he looked at it like "Man, that's a tight cover." But, he never played a track though. This won't be how it is this year. But I don't

I spoke to DJ Kenny Kaign and the Bluff City Daialogue 2 is coming plus some more projects. Also...I got some projects with MidiMarc (shouts out mane...let's get it homey), J-Snizzy (my young nigga is bumpin'), Olde Soul (a possible 12 "inch and more) and On1Ne (my West Coast folk...on every project). Plus, a whole lot of secret projects, production and random verses. So, musically...I will have a lot going on and I will execute!

Enjoy the new year...toast to the mans...and peep the motto.


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