Sunday, January 11, 2009

California Plans To Issue IOU's for tax refunds


Since Best Buy haven't gotten their act together...I went to Venice Beach with the Ms. today. But, man...I come home and look at CNN reporting that the lovely people of California may not get their state income tax returns this year.

Now, growing up in the ' knew what it was about tax time. People got a little fly, got cars, clothes...pretty much anything they wanted because of the government withholdings that was snatched throughout the year. That's how the 'hood sees it.

California in turn are offering people IOU's. An IOU??? A f*****' IOU??? Now, I'm thinking can people give IOU's for vehicle registration, property taxes and other random taxable things that the state bust people's head open for? Hell no. But that's the gov for ya'...

But, it is reported to begin February 2009...thanks a lot California. And they have the nerve to complain about gay marriage. Damn, that. Give me my money!!!


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