Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Soulja Boy Speaks on the "Hip Hop is Dead" Argument & Other Hip-Hop Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

My mans Soulja is getting philosophical with it.

Check it out:


Anonymous said...

wow...Arab still not eating huh, Captain D's? 2.99 meal..wow, maybe dj southernbred was right. Soulja Boy tell em apoligizes to parents for cussing and the image he's putting out there then he comes right back with the same shit, oh did i i cuss..lol. Sounds to me we have a slick hater soulja boy hates and retracts his statements by covering it up with some positive things to say about these artist. i don't believe S bezzy killed hip hop if you call it that but i do believe that artists hate to much and that kills their hip hop careers, so stop worrying about what others do and worry about your progession in the game, like how many albums did you sale?
what are you the best at?
and what can you bring to the table in 2000shine (kia shine plug)? Come on Soulja Boy yall looking hungry for attention, food, and some mo shit. You got money man but you are not 50 cent so stop getting on everybody and you barely know what you're talking about your groupies looking like "yes men" and they should be looking like supporters they should have nipped your ass in the bud when you got to talking about that shit, but maybe they are scared to lose there job or get kicked out the house until they crank that soulja boy and embarass themselves for your power trip and giggles. Soulja boy you need God because you are not right, and everything will fall apart until you get it right focus on your company, your team, and not just yourself.Get it Right!!

L'Daialogue said...

That's real talk...but it was funny nevertheless.