Friday, December 5, 2008

O.J. Friday: Lockdown Edition (Whitey 1-Black Folks Got Something Better Than That)


We were winning. And a good 10+ years at that.

The white man was losing and for a good majority of my teenage years, the O.J. trial was the catalyst.

And that was up to what you considered losing.

But, as long as we had O.J., we could piss off White people to no end. That wasn't the best thing but it was all we had. I mean the O.J. acquittal was up there with white people not being able to say the word "Nigger".


See, now these people (mostly of the Caucasian persuasion) can sit back and say “Look, Negro…he got what was coming to him. Just face it.” But, I can’t.

Sure we can speak on plenty of white folks that got off the hook for shady stuff i.e. pillaging Plymouth Rock, slavery, Jim Crow, affirmative action. But, some would say the statue of limitations is way past being up and plenty of other excuses to deny us that victory in any form.

But, hey...we don’t need O.J. anymore. We have so much more to look up, too. Actually, we are about to have a Black President in our lifetimes. That is bigger than any acquittal Johnny could get for us (R.I.P). We also have Michael Jackson and R. Kelly (but I’m sure that not too many Black people call those “wins” per se).

But so much has changed between now and then. So, in celebration of the good old times when we stuck it to Whitey, check out the acquittal video again:

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