Thursday, December 11, 2008


'Bout time, Midi...finally, some NEW produce.



Whats goin on folks. Its that time again, and as usual I'm on the job. I was able to stay pretty focused this week. Maybe its because I made a habit of turning my phone off. Trust me when I tell you that its a beautiful thing. All the people that need to know the house number know it...everyone else.....Leave a message..lolol. I love having funny voicemail greetings, so anyone who wants to hear the a brother. 8034664267. I'm gonna get to the beats in a second, but its been awhile, and we don't talk like we used lets catch up.

Sooooooooo......whats new?

>>>>Insert your response here

Word??!...thats whats up. I'm up to the usual beats and whatnot. I've been doing alot of writing also. I'm gonna be featured on some joints real soon...and I'm trying to get my feet wet as a rapper.

>>>>Now you say......"for who?"

I'm glad you asked. I'm working on songs right now with K. Sparks, Seven, Travis Williams, and as soon as I stop dragging my feet me and CP can start work on our project.

Oh yeah...the fresh produce.....BTW, I've found that my fresh produce sounds even better if you listen to it while actually eating some fresh produce. I recommend yellow squash with this weeks produce....try slicing the squash into quarer inch medallions..or maybe just rough chops...sautee in olive oil....Extra Virgin of course with some salt, pepper, and oregano. If you're feeling frisky enough, you might even cutt up some onion and red bell pepper into the pan also. Finish your listening and eating experience off with your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid. Or you can get fancy and follow this video:

1. The Mix Gettin Money -

2. Let Me Have That -

3. Its The New -

4. Got To Forget -

5. Any Day Now -

6. 2 Steps -

7. You Can Get That

Thanks for the page view.....remember to enjoy Fresh Produce with your Fresh Produce

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