Monday, December 29, 2008

Memphis Music Producer DJ Squeeky Recovering In Hospital From Car Accident


In unfortunate news, has learned that legendary Memphis rap producer DJ Squeeky of 47 Mobb and Mo’Cheda Records, who’s viewed by the Industry as one of the founding fathers of Memphis buck music, the roots to Crunk music, was involved in an accident last Friday night/Saturday morning at 3am which has left the ‘beatmaker’ hospitalized.

“He had a very brutal accident… From him blacking out,” Memphis rapper Yung Kee of 47 Mobb told

Further details revealed that Squeeky, after just ‘touching down’ back from Atlanta on business, took a dose of strong medicine and after coughing furiously at the wheel, blacked out, which caused the accident.

“He was just coming back from Atlanta. He had a little cold, he was kinda sick.. It was some medicine, and he took the medicine and the medicine was too strong,” Lil Lody, the youngest member of the 47 Mobb, told “So while he was driving - he coughed, he had already been coughing and stuff, so when he coughed — it made him black out, the medicine was so strong, he just blacked out, it made him blackout,” added Lil Lody.

Kee and Lody both confirmed to that Squeeky suffered from a broken hip, broken bones to his face and bumps and bruises that has left the producer facing up to 3 months in hospital recovery, but Squeeky is already looking to recover maybe sooner.

“He’s getting better as the days go by, he broke his hip, he broke part of his face, and a few bumps and bruises, but Squeeky is a soldier, he’s healing fast!” Kee told “He’s already up moving around a lil bit everyday!”

Both Kee, Lody and the whole 47 Mobb are asking for fans’ support and best wishes during the healing stages of their friend and somewhat mentor, DJ Squeeky, as Lil Lody states, “Everybody keep him in your prayers.”

“We’ve got alot of new stuff coming.. that’s my dawg, my ace ‘boon’ — that’s who be teaching me,” Lody added.

“Most definitely we need prayers and support from everyone,” stated Yung Kee. “It’s hard for us right now, but it’s getting better as days goes by! He’s also talking now..,” added Kee.

Before his accident, Squeeky recently produced the track ‘Welcome Back’ for Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy and was preparing to continue recording work for his solo album release as well as other releases from off the 47 Mobb brand and outside of the squad.

In related news, both Yung Kee and Lil Lody have new album projects coming soon. Yung Kee’s latest album “Perfect Timing” is in stores now and features the single “I Be On Dat Good,” which recently had a music video released for the song.

Check out some vintage DJ Squeeky Production below.



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