Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lil' Wayne's "Dying" lawsuit delayed

Ohhhh, I can't believe it (c) T-Pain

You mean to tell me that if I have a mixtape track that is poppin' enough to get played on the radio....but I'm making no money...I can STILL get sued???

This is madness. I know 2008 is Lil' Wayne's year but the article below can give a little insight into the situation that seems to sound like it is going to be a landmark case like that Biz Markie case in the early 90's.

I though you could sample if you didn't make a dime off of the sample? But, maybe not...


Check out the article:


Cash Money Seeks Extension In "I Feel Like Dying" Lawsuit

Lawyers for Lil Wayne and Cash Money records have requested additional time to review documents in a copyright infringement suit filed against them last May.

The lawsuit, filed by South African born singer named Karma-Ann Swanepoel, alleges Cash Money did not have the clearance to sample her track "Once" on Wayne's "I Feel Like Dying."

In the suit, Swanepoel states that she had been approached by the rapper's label to sign a deal for the right to use her song. However, the track had already started getting massive airplay and Weezy had already been performing it live during his concerts.

Attorneys asked a New Orleans judge yesterday (December 17) for an extension until Friday (December 19) before they are required to turn over all documents to plaintiff Urband & Lazar Publishing.

Swanepoel is seeking a cash compensation of an undisclosed amount.


Here's the original track of question:

And for good measure...the Wayne track...7 million plays

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