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"The Commissioner"

You know its something special when you hear that infamous drop.

DJ Mick Boogie a.k.a. The Commissioner has done in 2008 what many mixtape DJ's attempt to accomplish in a few years time. From his timeless mixes to his innovative mixtape concepts, he is taking this artform to another plateau.

DJ Mick Boogie (per wikipedia) was born Mick Batsyke in Youngstown, Ohio and in the last few years have become one of the premier mixtape DJ's in the country.

He has collaborated with the likes of Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, Little Brother, Kidz N The Hall, Busta Rhymes, J-Dilla and Talib Kweli.

In 2008 alone he has released 2 critically acclaimed mixtapes, Viva La Hova (Jay-Z/Coldplay) and Adele 1988 that are rumored to be strong contenders in ALL of the major mixtapes award shows this year.

He is the house DJ for the Cleveland Cavs and a constant touring DJ in the U.S. and overseas. In fact, he did this interview via his Blackberry and we at Ovaground SounDZ are appreciative that he took time out of his busy schedule for this interview.

We wanted to gain some insight on those projects and try to see what's going on with the Commissioner and his League Crew (who includes Wally Sparks, Terry Urban and affiliates The Kickdrums). So, I present the man, the myth, the MIXTAPE legend...DJ Mick Boogie.



This past year, you have been known for creating high profile mixes and blends. Are you in particular going to release a mixtape exclusively with those classic Mick Boogie remixes that you have posted on your MySpace page during the year?

Hmm... No. But all of those have appeared on one project or another thruout the year. So they are all available!

Your latest project is called Adele 1988.What made you want to even to do a reinterpretive project using Adele? Who came up with the idea? What was the recording process for getting the tracks together for that project?

Sony came to me with the idea after hearing Viva la Hova, and we fleshed out the concept. From there, it was time to Learn the music. Decide what samples I wanna hear. Come up with rough skeletons of how it should go. Meet with my producers and have them flesh it out. Release it to the world!

Do you believe you are becoming to go to man for all high profile mash-up projects?

Not at all. But I'm glad people respect my creative ideas and marketing.

What was your thought process in choosing the artists that contributed to the Adele 1988 project?

Well, all of the producers are guys who see my vision and I work with them frequently. Rapperwise, I kept it simple. Naledge and Pooh are good friends and big names. And they both love Adele. So it was perfect!

You have just come of a big release with the Viva La Hova (Jay-Z/Coldplay mixtape). Did you feel that since you set the bar so high that you had to continue with the mash-up’s of this magnitude?

Nope. I'm content if I never do another one. However, if the right idea comes along, we will do it.

Can we expect some more alternative-styled mixtapes from you?

Definitely. The Mick Boogie brand is so much more than hiphop!

You are also working to help out many unsigned acts. Can we expect to see some more Mick Boogie projects associated with up-and-coming producers and artists?

As far as up and coming, all my faves were on the VH1 Honor Roll mixtape I did. Those guys all deserved that shine. And yeah... I always spotlight up and comers.

Finally, I know you hear this 100's of times a day but alot of unsigned artists ask about getting down with you on projects. How can they do that properly and in a business manner?

Hit up my partner Terry Urban at He coordinates all of that for us.

What is next for Mick Boogie (project-wise) going into 2009?

More travelling. It seems I'm deejaying in a different city every week. Also,
I have a cool project called Re-Construction coming in the spring.

Mick Boogie
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And for all of those cool Mick Boogie remixes that were released in 2008, check out his Cornerstone Mixtape feat. League Crew affiliate Terry Urban:

Cornerstone Mixtape DOWNLOAD LINK:

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