Sunday, December 14, 2008

Charles Hamilton is NO Soulja Boy Part 3 (THE FINAL PART) (Ovaground Editorial by L'Daialogue)


After a cool weekend of seeing this whole Charles Hamilton/Soulja Boy thing BLOW up to epic proportions…I call for a truce.

I like both of them. It’s like they have a Ying/Yang connection to each other (let me get a little philosophical Charles…lol). It’s sort of like Brooklyn in the early 90’s.

You had Biggie Smalls [Bad Boy], Boot Camp Clik (Buckshot, Sean P etc.) and M.O.P from Brooklyn. They were 3 different styles that came out and even though they HAD there respective disagreements on how to represent that borough (they REALLY had some problems over Biggie blowing up with that ‘jiggy’-Brooklyn representive vibe), but everybody got along because somewhere down the line, they knew they needed each other to differentiate themselves.

In Charles and Soulja’s case…it’s the same. Soulja Boy is just as much Hip-Hop as Biz Markie and MC Hammer. I mean, don’t front because he dances because that can be a whole other discussion on break dancing and it’s significance to the Hip-Hop genre.

Charles is the lyricist just like a Nas, Scarface or Snoop Dogg (and yes I used those 3 different guys because they have CLASSIC genre changing albums under their belts despite what anyone believes). So, they are connected at the hip not because of this argument but by them existing in the same genre AT THE SAME TIME.

It’s beautiful people….it’s deeper than either one of them want to believe (whether they like it or not).

Now, Mr. Hamilton responded to my first post with this comment:

You know what? I'm not even mad at the post... just feel where I'm comin from.

How do you think Joe Budden would feel if someone asked him on the air "How does it feel to be the new MC Hammer?" after Joe put out a dance track?

Despite sales, there's a bit of artistic integrity that gets disrespected when people misunderstood. I've made my point clear over and over again. I just needed to vent... holla back... good read...

And in that particular light…I feel him wholeheartedly.

I worked in radio (promotions…ahhh the Clear Channel memories) and I know how stuff gets recorded, edited and emailed to, and other places for a viral marketing campaign for some upstart blogger or hater ass intern (and those words can be interchangeable).

But, also I would want Charles to peep it this way. Your grind is ridiculous. I feel like by even extending yourself to this level only hurts what you are trying to do. I had this same situation happen to me a few years ago and being that I was younger at the time, I hopped into it ripping cats up and dissing hard. But, it didn’t do anything for me and it didn’t do anything for my career and also moved to a street level off of some Hip-Hop stuff.

At first, I didn’t understand the whole Sonic/Sega theme. But then I thought about Charles speaking on the Mauritian Sega’s and things and that is a cool angle. Now I understand him that more on that level. Hopefully, more fans will too.

But, diss songs??? Let’s dead it now because even though it’s semi-between you and Soulja…people are ignorant and it’s a recession. Not a good mix. Plus, you’ll have more people hating not even knowing why they are hating (doesn’t it ALWAYS turn out that way).

SO, THE BEEF IS OVER NOW!!!! (even though Charles stated that it was over, I’m saying it again).

And this means fans too. DEAD IT and let’s get to the money (and the's Hip-Hop people).

Get the Charles Hamilton’s Pink Lavalamp and iSouljaBoyTellEm’s new project. And get that new L’Daialogue (lol)…and thanks to Charles for being human and NOW being a hustler and getting back at it…

We need the lyrics, mane. We need the dancing, too.

Holla back. And for good measure…I’m bumpin’ both for the Christmas holidays.


P.s. I would have posted the so-called diss song…but hey as I DEAD this beef…let’s ride to both of these releases. Check ‘em out:

Charles Hamilton “Loser” off of the Pink Lavalamp:

Soulja Boy “Birdwalk” off of “iSouljaBoyTellem”:

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