Friday, December 12, 2008

Charles Hamilton is NO Soulja Boy Part 2????? (Ovaground SounDZ Editorial by L'Daialogue)

Dear Ovaground'az (that's the new name/term),


Now, come on. I have expounded upon this nonsense a few days back and it's still going on.

Charles...dead it dude. Soulja is a kid!!!!!

I understand you respect his grind and hustle but please????

I mean...we know you have this Sonic stuff going and all...but hey, I thought it was all fun and games. Now, you're dissing. That's reaching a little. Actually, that's reaching a lot.

I honestly think that you don't have real beef with Soulja Boy. It SEEMS like you have a little bit of jealousy in YOUR heart. But, I respect your grind and along with your will blow soon TOO.

But, the so-called diss track that you have is un-called for. Is the real problem the radio??? If that's the case....beef with Interscope. You're on a major with Soulja.

But, dissing the Auto-Tune (which is so cliche) among other WACK!

Read Charles Hamilton's GROWN UP response to the whole situation and come to your own conclusion.

Is it REALLY hate for Soulja Boy or something else?



Straight to it...

Let's start with the whole ThisIs50 move...

A few days before The Pink Lavalamp dropped, I do an interview with ThisIs50. This is where they asked me about my comments on Shade 45. The interview in which I snapped about Soulja Boy. After the interview, they said "Hey we can do some major things for your album". I said "talk it out with management".

They did.

The next thing I know, The Pink Lavalamp was set to be released on ThisIs50. My management team said that everything was worked out and so on and so forth. I know all the blogs are close. New Music Cartel. Mind you, this had nothing to do with Interscope, especially since no Interscope money has been spent on The Hamiltonization Process.

The first time we spent Interscope bread on a project for me was the "Brooklyn Girls" video.

50 and I are actually cool, but how he feels about what I should do in this situation is FAR from what I'm doing...

Now. Onto the beef.

The kid saw the video interview with me explaining why I went off in the interview. Obviously, he didn't hear the question before my comment, because it's not even available online (the audio). He puts out a hilarious video to defend himself, and after I watched the video, I just laughed. Around that time, I had a freestyle to submit for I'm featured as their Artist of the Month. Cool. So at the end of the freestyle, I just commented on the situation, saying what they say in meetings at the label. That's it.

It gets labeled as "The Soulja Boy Response", which takes any merit away from how lyrical the track is.

Around this time, I see and hear "Head Shots", SB's "lyrical diss track". I was kinda stuck, because, well, it sucked, but the fact that he's USING RHYMES to get at me is crazy. And if it was an old freestyle, they timed it's release perfectly. So that's 2 videos from Soulja Boy that are direct and potent, against a well-edited interiew and a mislabeled record from me.

I get a bunch of phonecalls yesterday, as well as emails, texts, and other forms of ePestering about what I should do next. Chris Lighty, 50 Cent, Amanda Diva, Al B Back, a whole HOST of people chimed in to tell me what to do next. My f*ckin mother even chimed in. I was sooooo close to just WYLIN on wax and REALLY be looked at as a scumball. But no. An idea I had earlier in the week (when I was bored and half drunk listening to "Can't Believe It") ended up being what I saw as a satisfactory response to ALL the drama I been going thru.

Now, to be real, this is holiday season. Muthaf*ckas should be worrying about being with family and staying warm. I just found out that I ACTUALLY HAVE FAMILY IN THE ISLAND OF MAURITIUS!!!!!! That means a whole f*cking lot to me, and if you did your homework on the Mauritian Sega, you'd REALLY understand why this Sonic sh1t isn't a joke. But we'll get there when the time is right...

I don't know what more to say. I feel like I just made mad sense. I know I made sense. It's more than just music to me, and I've said that. I honestly don't care anymore. Love me or hate me, I'm here. Enjoy your holidays, I'll enjoy mine. I'm either going to Mauritius or Ohio. MAD family stuff to deal with. It's something about this time of year, man...

~~Charles Hamilton~~

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