Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2009."...although it seems heaven sent, we ARE ready to have a Black President" (c) 2Pac (if he were here, he would agree)

I was walking in a random check cashing store in Compton the other day. The clerk asked me, "So, you're happy about tomorrow, eh?"

I looked up at her and replied, "What do you mean?" I was just trying to get some money orders. I wasn't really listening to the lady and honestly I could not really hear her through that bulletproof thick glass.

Then, I thought "Man, she talking about Barack." She smiled in agreement and I walked out.

Fast forward to today this morning...I VOTED for Obama. But it was a delayed consciousness about it. It felt like I was in a dream-like state. This was real.

I woke up not really feeling the seriousness of what could/could not happen in this election. My electricity was out in my neighborhood as I struggled to get my clothes together in the dark. I got my voter registration card and left early in the morning.

I felt crazy as I walked until the poll strong as I marked my Obama/Biden vote quickly as I could grab my marking instrument.

I voted for a Black man and I will never forget that experience for the rest of my life.

Now to backtrack to that Compton check cashing lady.

I understand that by Obama being president-elect as a Black man in this country, I have a different purpose. All Black people have a different purpose now. All Americans have a different purpose now. We are on a conscious level a different nation now.

As I thought back to that check cashing lady, I had to understand how she was framing me. She felt my aura in the presence of not only being a Black man but a reflection of Barack Obama.

Now all I have to say is "My president is Black." Will I rub this in people's faces? Maybe. But, I know we have work to do. Let's get to work and change the world.

I made history today...damn. We are ready.


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