Sunday, November 23, 2008



My girl Nola Devine (my chocolate) send me this tagged, I guess that I will do it. Sorry for the know I'm recording and getting projects together but check it out. You may learn And for the record...this is all so random in the facts I'm giving out.


1. The longest time I have rapped in life without stopping is 2 1/2 hours. (I have a recorded cd documenting this fact) This actually happened in my dorm in college due to a bet...and I won.

2. Coffee makes me I don't drink Starbuck's like that.

3. I grew up in Frayser which is neighborhood in North Memphis. The street that runs through my neighborhood is called Hollywood Avenue. And as we all know, that is the 'hood.

Ironically, I now live approx. 5 blocks from Hollywood,California and Beverly Hills, California. What's in a name? About 1.5 million dollars a house compared to 80,000 a house in Memphis. It also doesn't hurt that there's a big sign inviting the world on that big hill in the background.

4. I used to play piano very well when I was younger (I don't know what happened I actually played for my church if you could believe that.

5. I hate girls that try to touch me on my face....for real. You wouldn't want to do that.

6. I have handled about 2.1 million dollars in receivables and transactions in 2008 year to date...and haven't seen any of it. How about that? Not even 10 percent. You have to love that McCain capitalistic spirit. More for the rich?

7. Last but not least, I am a blaxploitation fiend. I have damn near every soundtrack of the era and many times find myself wondering what was up with Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones? I probably would have got, know I would So, so sexy....

Aight, that's it....pass this along before I incriminate

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Nola.Divine said...

TWO AND A HALF HOURS??? Daaaaaaaaaang!!!! Lol! I want to hear this recording you half!

And I so fell in love with Coffy in Dr. Brown's class!