Monday, November 24, 2008


Please, please. please (c) James Brown.

Now, Midi knows...unemployment is up 5% this week alone.

The game fucked up and I ain't got no ends/ I just spent my last $70 thousand dollars on a drop-top Benz...(c) Pimp C.

Yes, we are waiting for the produce joints.

Yes, we are jockin' the produce joints.

Yes, we are JOCKIN' the produce joints, mane.

These are the 'hood stimulus BEAT checks before the Feds and Midi finally laced ya' boy. Finally, some of these unemployed peeps can be soothed by the beastin' of my young homey.

Check it out.



Yeah yeah I know......I've been getting the phone calls. "Man...when are you putting the next produce up"......."Can you let me check the joints out before you post em". Well....I'm on CP time, but I'm here. Since its the 10th week, I've prepared 10 Beats. I'm getting more and more in the groove of the new equipment, so here we go.

1. Watch Us Ride

2. Betcha Cant

3. Wah Out

4. There Is No Greater

5. Step It Up

6. Open Might

7. Its All Over

8. Flippah 1

9. Cloverfield

10. BJ Cash Track

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