Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lil' Wayne's Curren$y Problem: To be or not be independent?

A few days ago, my homey Lyrikill (pictured above) went to a MURS show in New Orleans and ran into damn near all of the Hip-Hop scene that was left after Katrina. I was going through his pics and came across one of him & Curren$y which was cool since I thought that some rappers didn't mingle with the underground/backpack/quasi-hipster crowd (but that's another blog).

But anyway...

I was peeping out Lil' Wayne’s Dedication 3 mixtape which was anything less than mediocre in my opinion. I dig and respect his flow and all...but me and Lil' Wayne don't see eye to eye on a few MAJOR things. Actually, a lot of things like i.e. kissing his "daddy", questionable facial piercings and claiming Blood "SOOOO WHOOOP" gang in his 20's etc.

But I was peeping one interlude track called "Do’s and Don’t of Young Money" in which he states, "...don’t one song…get one check..[and] then get dropped from the label.”

This was certainly a shot aimed in the direction of former Young Money affiliate, Curren$y a.k.a Tha' Hotspitta who has just recently left to go the independent route with his own imprint, Fly Society.

He started with Master P's New No Limit Records before his jump to Cash Money in-house imprint Young Money.

Now, from what I have been hearing...Curren$y is ripping the mixtape market in half with his uniquely-themed mixtapes like Fear and Loathing in New Orleans and many other mixtapes that he has released within the last few months.

Previously, he was next-in-line to be released on Lil' Wayne's Young Money imprint. Now some would ask “Why would someone give up leaving one of the hottest rappers to go out on his own?" But that is not an easy answer.

Curren$y has also been featured on the latest issue of XXL Magazine along with many other underground upstarts such as Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth and B.O.B. For the first time in a long time...I feel like Curren$y is getting his own lane AWAY from Wayne.

I respect Wayne's Young Money movement but you think after listening to that Mack Maine-featured verse on "Got Money" that you are ready to hear a full LP from the "Hollygrove Young Wolf" before a Curren$y joint? Have you listened to Curren$y's verse on "Where Tha' Cash At? Quite truefully, those verses were not best from either one of them but Curren$y's verse had more momentum and had fans questioning the next move from the former Young Money soldier.

But hey, Curren$y may have wanted to be a little bigger than the giant shadow that he was bound to have to fight against being on that label.

It's like Akon or T-Pain? They are both tight, Grammy-nominated artists but at the end of the day, at the top of every track is that signature "Kon-vict" drop that ensures that Akon will be that much more greater than Teddy Pin-Her-Ass-Down.

Maybe it's the Star Wars' Sith-syndrome that ensures that for you be the number must challenge your master or stay apprentice forever. You remember Darth Vader and Darth Sidious?


Maybe Curren$y wanted more. But one thing is for sure: Curren$y is definitely taking the best road that will ensure that even if he's not looking for the last laugh, he'll at least get a healthy chuckle when he succeeds.


Peep Curren$y's "Explanation" of the situation:

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