Tuesday, September 9, 2008

**ATTENTION** A KILL YO' SELF ALERT-Aight...Courtney Love. Play your Yoko Ono role, okay!


Hey...I actually watched this year's VMA's. I didn't care either way how good (or bad) they actually turned out to be. But, I did happen to run into this Courtney Love blog (you know...Kurt Cobain's wife??? The guy from Nirvana) commenting on the annual MTV show.

Now, this is a direct quote (or some direct quotes) from Ms. Love about this year's VMA's:

* "..didnt go to the "VMAS" as we used to call them but theyve gotten so fucking Urban"

* " how stinking and vile to high fucking hell is music right now..."

Let's stop at the "urban" part.

Yeah, I know. You're probably thinking why is this EVEN on the Ovaground blog?

But, for a minute...just keep it 100% funky. This (fill in the blank with an expletive) is trippin'!!!

Who are you? The woman who successfully killed the Nirvana legacy??? Please.

I hope those "urban" rants was meaning that it was "too much" Hip-Hop. Or you know how white people say...too many "Black" artists???

I'm not making this into a race argument but it is SO funny how white people mention that something isn't "rock" enough, "blues" enough and it's too "urban" or too "ghetto". Black people created if not all of that so-called music that they idolize today so to criticize is a bittersweet irony.

Mrs. Love needs to play her Yoko Ono role.

Yoko Ono was John Lennon (of the Beatles) wife. If you ask any fan, you could conclude that she was one of the main reasons the Beatles broke up before Lennon died.

And that is it. The whole point. Play your position.

I don't want to hear you talk about nothing when you are participating in a music that my people created. I don't want to hear about you at all. You are only famous because of your husband just like Yoko Ono. You are only rich because of your husband just like Yoko Ono. People HATE you because you (expletive)-ed up one of the greatest band back catalogues in Rock history JUST LIKE Yoko Ono.

So, PLEASE shut up Courtney with your heroin-cocaine using, weed-smoking, X-pill poppin' witch!!!! Before I send one of those "urban" sistas at your (expletive) immediately. And they will show what "urban" is.

Thank You.

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