Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bluff City Full Effect- A Switch Hustle Story Pt.1

Right in the mist of Lil' Wayne's Carter III album selling 1 million copies (current Soundscans project current sales are well over 1.5 million) anybody that is still out here doing this rap thing can only be happy. This ultimately means that the market is wide open despite whatever statements of "Hip Hop being Dead" and so on and so on.

So, with that being said...L'Daialogue's Bluff City Daialogue project hosted and mixed by Worldwide DJ Kenny Kaign is making significant strides in the streets of Memphis with the 2nd single "Same Way (Da' North & Da' Bay)" featuring High Ruler King Cane of 2Deep. Rumors have it that hundreds of copies are being distributed throughout the tri-state area Tennessee, Mississippi & Arkansas.

Also, the track "Unofficial Story of MemphisRap" is gaining spins in the streets of Memphis too. So, while gas keeps on climbing the charts in this record-breaking summer, this project is not helping the heatwaves around the country. It's adding to the flames.

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