Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lil' Wayne vs. Every Mixtape DJ in the World....

A few days ago, Lil' Wayne LITERALLY pissed off every mixtape DJ in the Western Hemisphere by pretty much giving a middle-finger/ "F"-you to pretty much the element that gave him the most momentum in his career...the MIXTAPE DJ.

I could remember being in New Orleans and the thing that actually gave Wayne momentum in the the streets was the SQAD UP MIXTAPES along with DJ Raj Smooth. These tapes gave Wayne a taste of lyrical freedom and with those 5 volumes (6 if you include the one 'bootlegged' volume by K. Gates of Dame Dash 'Ultimate Hustler' fame) that he never really had under the wings of the Hot Boyz and the Cash Money umbrella.

Now, from a street point-of-view, he OWES his career to the DJ Drama's Dedication Series, the Drought series and the barrage of post Dedication 2 tapes and he would (and should) be hestitant to say anything against the buzz that propelled him to the Hottest Artist status that put him on 50 Cent's radar.

But, hey...blame the drugs. Blame the fame. But to call out mixtape dj's that only job is to get your record HOT is crazy. And to not call out the Empire DJ's is madness...but to each its own.

Also, word is DJ Chuck T LEAKED the highly anticipated Carter III mixtape to the world right before the release date on June 10 (word to Universal Records). So, hey...we are only seeing the beginnings of the backlash of the mixtape DJ's right before the record release.

My only beef is hey...since you're a little pissed at Weezy....I need some mixtape DJ's to get me hot EASY!!!!

R.I.P. Wayne's mixtape career b. 200-somthing/ d. June 2008

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