Thursday, May 1, 2008

Focused Disgust and Aimed Visions

At this point in the game...all I can really say is that not only am I surprised that 3 officers shot Sean Bell and got off a week ago. See, this is what we come to know as Black people in this country (especially Black males) as how it is in this to live in this country.

I mean honestly...I have been stopped many times before and the same outcome could have happened. Imagine...

"Another man was slain in North Memphis neighborhood last night. The victim was up and coming rapper L'Daialogue DiCaprio who was well on his way to becoming a national rap sensation with his Bluff City Daialogue mixtape series and countless other guest appearances on other DJ's projects around the nation. He was pulled over Friday at 6p.m. at the corner of Frayser Boulevard and Hollywood Street. Reports
say that L'Dai was pulled over in a routine traffic stop that went terribly wrong.”

“Police reports state that L'Dai was mistaken for having a weapon that turned out to be a copy of his latest mixtape in his hand. Police reportedly opened fire striking L'Dai 16 times before reloading to shoot him another 16 times. Witness accounts state that the suspect was unarmed and on the way to a concert appearance in FedEx Forum Arena with other local artists Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball & MJG and Yo Gotti and The Blockburners."

Now, in that perspective...I send my condolences to the Bell Family. Now, as a community...what is next? I want to grab the nearest 9 milli and take to the streets...but who will ride with me?

See, I know that the government has the nation at its whims now. Every economic stimulus check that is being written is just another payoff from the Bush regime. Along with BET and just television in general...we as a people need something stronger to guide our minds, mend our hearts and empower our motives to gain justice for everything.

Sean Bell...oil prices…the economy. Everything. I just feel like grabbing a gun and cracking some heads. I could say whole bunch about the police…but hey, what would that do? They still have the establishment’s support and I still have the establishment on my tail.

So, all I can say is…we all need to continue to have focused disgust and aimed visions because without those two things….we will lose. I really don’t care right now. I feel like the summer is going to be hotter than it ever has….especially for the NYPD. I just hope they understand that sun block and suntan lotion won’t stop this heat.


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