Sunday, February 17, 2008

Do I really care if I EVER get a Grammy Award? I mean, truefully.

So, after the 2008 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles this past week...I got to seriously thinking. I mean first of all, I actually have the nerve to continue making music in all of this madness going on right now. Musician royalty rates are being renegotiated as we speak along withnew technological advances being provided to the average consumer.

Shoot, I could remember just 2 years ago...I could sell my discs for $5 dollars a pop in New Orleans, Memphis and Los Angeles, no problem. Now, I'll be lucky if I can do anything with a disc now. The game has changed.

But, after watching Kanye West and Amy Winehouse at this year Grammy's(actually less of the latter), I got me thinking. What could a Grammy do for my career?

I mean, I got mixtapes floating over the internet right now as I write this. The Original Supremes joint, the Across Linez Clazzik joints and the new Elvis mixtape are all gaining some sort of momentum in the streets and online. And definitely, I could use the co-sign for the perceived respect that a Grammy could hold. I mean "Grammy Nominated Rapper L'Daialogue DiCaprio..." does have a lovely ring to it(minus that "rapper" part).

Also, I still like the fact that I am still what some people would call "underground". I personally like the term, although some people think that it is limiting in certain ways. I would want to gain anything that I could in this music from this level that I am now.

Why you ask? Well, a few different reasons.

Having any success from this level now means more than anything know. People are looking for new sounds in the Hip Hop genre and coming from that angle could demand a strong respect level along. Also, any elevated movement is a win for an independent artist like myself. Outlets such as, and can help in getting more promotable I'm back at square one.

The old saying explains any press good or bad is good press. Hey, maybe a Grammy could help me in that journey that I'm walking out here. So, am I speaking prophecy? Yes and no. But, I'm not that underground exclusive not to understand how a Grammy could help me.

Hey,if Soulja Boy can get nominated...I know I could get one easily. Be on the lookout for never know.


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